Mystery Quilt Clues

In 2020 the RCQG launched a summer mystery quilt for the first time in order to support Guild members during the first wave of the pandemic. In 2021 three Guild members volunteered to offer a summer mystery again.

This year the mystery quilt, called “Milady,” was designed by Judy Eckhardt.  Pat Gage and Leslie Buck helped Judy get this project out to the RCQG.  For six weeks, beginning July 1st, clues will be sent to those who sign-up.  At the end of the project, the entire pattern will be given to the RCQG members, and the Guild will take ownership of the instructions.

The pattern has been sized as a comfort quilt.  The last clue will give some options if you would prefer to make a square or bed-size quilt.  This is an advanced beginner or intermediate quilt pattern because there are a lot of triangles put together in various ways.  To tackle this project you should know how to cut fabric and sew a straight line with a ¼” seam allowance. 


JULY 1, 2021
Week 1 (pdf file with photos)
Week 1 (pdf file without photos)
(week 1 updated with corrected version on July 7)

JULY 8, 2021
Week 2 (pdf file with photos)
Week 2 (pdf file without photos)

JULY 15, 2021
Week 3 (pdf file with photos)
Week 3 (pdf file without photos)

JULY 22, 2021
Week 4 (pdf file with photos)
Week 4 (pdf file without photos)

JULY 29, 2021
Week 5 (pdf file with photos)
Week 5 (pdf file without photos)

AUGUST 5, 2021
Week 6 (pdf file with photos)
Week 6 (pdf file without photos)