Accuquilt Go! Big Cutter Resources

Photo of Accuquilt's Go Big Electric Cutter

RCQG members are welcome to book time to use the Guild’s GO! Big Electric Fabric Cutter by Accuquilt during Member Mingles. Visit our online store to book your time slot. Your booking is free.

In addition to the cutter, we also own the following cutting dies:

If you have access to other compatible dies, you may bring them to use.

These tools offer fast, accurate, pain-free cutting for members – especially those with arthritis or shoulder/wrist pain or injury.

Learn More about the Go! Cutter

To make the most of your time, please plan ahead. The following resources may help you:

  • GO! Qube Master Class – This YouTube video introduces you to using the cutting system and demonstrates how all the die sets work together for endless creative possibilities. While you’re visiting YouTube, look for other informative Accuquilt tutorial videos.
  • GO! Big Electric Tutorial – A video introduction to using the electric cutting machine.
  • Cheat Sheet [pdf]- The most useful excerpts from more comprehensive information sources.

Finding Go-Friendly Patterns

As you become more familiar with the Go! Cutter, you will recognize units that can be cut with the Go! Cutter. If you’d like to find patterns with Go! cutting instructions, consider the the sources listed below.

Accuquilt website: Visit the website to set up a free account. This free account will give you access to many FREE patterns and pattern booklets specifically designed for the Mix & Match Qube system we have. Be sure to look at the patterns available for GO! Qube. Some of the most useful pattern booklets include:

GO! Mix & Match 216 Quilt Blocks Pattern Booklet – This booklet introduces you to using the Qube system, acquaints you with the shapes, and illustrates 216 blocks you can make using the die sets the Guild owns.

The booklets listed below provide extended information about the blocks presented in the pattern booklet above.