September Meeting

Speaker: Ruth Kennedy

Ruth has been a quilter since 2000 and is Still Winging It. Come to the September Meeting and listen to Ruth talk about and shows off her fabulous quilts.

We are very pleased to have Sharp My Knife Mobile Sharpening return this year to sharpen our Scissors (or any thing you want sharpened). Drop them off at the beginning of the meeting and pick them up at the end. Remember it will be cash only, so please check their website for pricing to ensure you have enough.

Upcoming Workshop

Landscape Workshop
Instructor: Mary Hopkins

This workshop will focus on adding depth, light, shadow and texture to your work.  Through collage, in all its forms from freezer paper to minute confetti, Mary will demonstrate some shortcuts that will give you more control, making it possible to add warmth and realism by pre-constructing and pre-finishing your background.