Community Outreach

The Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Care and Treatment Centre located at the Guelph General Hospital is the focus of the RCQG Community Outreach Program.  The Unit provides nursing and social services to address the needs of Wellington County’s victims of sex assault and domestic violence:  young and old; male and female.  Our guild members create beautiful comfort quilts which are utilized by the staff to help begin the healing process.  Over 100 quilts are contributed to this cause annually.

The Guelph General Hospital’s Birthing Unit is also a Community Outreach Partner.  Tiny memory quilts are lovingly made by our volunteer members and are provided to grieving parents experiencing the pain of their child’s premature passing.  Although needs vary, we typically donate about 2 dozen quilts each year.

These two initiatives are supported by donations of fabrics and batting.  Additionally, we are blessed to receive a financial donation from the Guelph General Hospital Foundation to support the purchase of additional materials.
Our Community Outreach program is successful because each month, our enthusiastic members assist us with creating these wonderful quilts by:  cutting and sewing up kits, piecing quilt tops, machine or hand quilting the quilt and binding the quilts.  

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Community Outreach Sponsors

Visit our gallery to see the quilts that have been donated to Community Outreach in the past year (click below):

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