Virtual Meeting – Trudy Cowan

Virtual Meeting - Trudy Cowan


November 12, 2024    
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Online via Zoom
Online, via Zoom

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Using Quilts to Illustrate Your Stories

Every quilt has a story – when, why, for whom, colour and design choices, techniques selected and more. Some of that might be on a label on the back.  Trudy Cowan, art quilter and teacher takes her quilts themselves further into the realm of storytelling and illustration.  How do the image, fabrics, embellishments and techniques convey and support the tale you wish to tell?  She’ll bring her first quilt, an assortment of her designs and techniques, and the quilt and beadwork illustrations she created for her children’s book, The Little Grey Mouse: A Fable in Fabric, published by Frontenac House Press, November, 2018.