Virtual Meeting – Dominique Ehrmann

Virtual Meeting - Dominique Ehrmann


December 10, 2024    
7:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Online via Zoom
Online, via Zoom

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Once Upon A Quilt

With this retrospective presentation Dominique invites us into her world of creation.

Through a series of photos using a storytelling angle, Dominique explains the inspiration, and the technique behind finalized work created since 2010.

Dominique’s Bio

Dominique is a self-taught fiber artist. Quilting is her medium to tell her stories. She knows the rules, patterns and techniques. She uses them as a mean to transport, express, touch and reinvent. First, a story emerges and then it starts building up, taking shape and growing in three dimensions. She assembles it in her head, design it to the last detail and once ready, she turns it into a sketch.

Sketches become paper models, who then become patterns. With Stéphan, her husband and accomplice, she pushes back all limits and frontiers. Her artwork plays with the wind, defies gravity, invites to exploration and interaction.

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