Discussion List Guidelines

These are the guidelines for the RCQG Discussions lists which are hosted on groups.io.

  • Remember the Human. We expect members to post and act responsibly. Please respect your fellow members’ time and attention: strive to be clear, concise and courteous. When replying to a message, be mindful of whether your reply is going to the group or to an individual. Please trim off repeated parts of the quoted message following.
  • Names and contact information are provided solely for the convenience and personal use of group members. Do not share outside the group.
  • Attachments are allowed and the judicious use of screen shots and other illustrations is encouraged!
  • Put your best self forward.
  • Share expert knowledge and suggestions. 
  • Attempt collaboration before conflict. Personal attacks are not allowed. If you have a disagreement, work it out privately.
  • Be forgiving of other people’s mistakes.
  • Solicitations, commercial advertising or overt self-promotion are not permitted. Quilting professionals are welcome to advertise their services in our newsletter. Individuals may occasionally share information about opportunities of interest to our members such as estate sales or used machines for sale. 

Members who violate these guidelines will receive a warning and/or be removed from the rcqg.groups.io community. Please report violations to group moderators or president@royalcityquiltersguild.ca