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Quilt Sizing



Notable Quilt Sizes for our Community Partners



Charity Quilt Type Front Dimensions (width x length) Backing &

Batting Dimensions

(width x length)

Binding Requirements

(2-1/2” wide x WOF)

Requirement (Number/year) Preferred Materials*
Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Treatment Centre ** COMFORT 54” x 66” 60” x 72” 264” (or ~ 7 strips) 50+ Cotton and/or flannel
Birthing Unit – Guelph General Hospital *** MEMORY Minimum =

24” x 24”

Maximum =

30” x 30”


26” x 26”

up to

32” x 32”


105”  (or ~ 3 strips)

up to

130” (or ~ 4 strips)

24+ Cotton and/or flannel
Michael House

(Infant) ****

CRIB 32” x 48” 36” x 54” 108” (or ~ 4 strips) 12+ Cotton and/or flannel
Michael House (Infant)

– optional

Receiving Blanket 36” x 36” n/a n/a n/a Flannel
Michael House

(Mother) ****

– optional




60” x 84”


75” x 84”

64” x 90”


80” x 90”

308”  (~ 8 strips)


340”  (~ 9 strips)

8 – 12 Cotton and/or flannel


*      Please note:  We respectfully request that you refrain from the use of ‘religious’ themed fabrics or seasonal fabrics depicting a
religious event (e.g. Christmas).  Novelty fabrics and all colour options are considered acceptable


**    Guelph General Hospital’s Sexual Assault & Domestic Violence Assessment and Treatment Centre:

  1. No ‘infant’/’baby’ themed fabrics please (babies under the age of 2) are not treated at this centre
  2. Child requirements:  require only 10 – 12 quilts annually for children under the age of 12 each year (appropriately themed fabrics are permitted)
  3. Teen/Youth requirements: need keeps growing (40+ quilts/year) for young people aged 12 – 19 years.  Gender bias exists with 80 – 85% female and 15 – 20% male, but latter is on increase.  Clientele favour a wide range of colours, but have a preference for quilts with strong design elements (e.g. graphic patterns).


***   Guelph General Hospital’s Birthing Unit:

1)    Memory quilts are provided to parents grieving the loss of an infant.  Needs are variable, but based on past years, we are
looking for approximately 2/month.
****  Michael House

  1. Current residence has accommodations for 12 heads (7 mothers OR expectant mothers and 5 babies) and the new residence will accommodate up to 8 mothers with young babies/children (note:  these may be ‘graduates’ of the original residence requiring additional time and support).
    1. Infant quilts are presented to new infants and stay with the infant (need ~ 12 quilts/year);
    2. Mothers may receive new quilt donations as possible birthday or ‘graduation from program’ presents (optional ~ 8 – 12 quilts/year)
  2. Bibs, infant apparel etc. and toiletry items (for moms) are also welcomed donations.

NOTE:  Our quilts are loved by everyone who receives one.  They embody a POSITIVE MEMORY, a sense that someone really cares, which recipients carry with them long after they have received their ‘GIFT OF A HUG’!! 

THANK-YOU for your PARTICIPATION – the donation of your time, materials and talents are essential to the success of our program each year.